Kasenyi Hunyani Af Oman

Kasenyi Hando Af Oman

Kasenyi Hombori Af Oman

Kasenyi Hadrian Af Oman

Kasenyi Handemi Af Oman


S & NUCh
Faraoland Nile Wild Oman
Hot Stuff Out of Africa
AmCh Serengeti Cool Jazz of Woz
MultiCh Akuaba Dances to Terrarust
Int & NordUCh
Faraoland Nile Wild Bambuti
Int, N & SUCh Azania's Ilario
SUCh Bokoto Nile Black Tango
Kasenyi Finyana af Masai
Masai Warrior Out of Africa
AmCh Astarte's Sky Rockets to Ebonwind
Int & FrCh Gone With The Wind Out of Africa
Kasenyi Amadi
S & NUCh Faraoland Nile Wild Akabusi
SUCh Mapiembi